Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello from Singapore

Oh goss!! I have so many things to share since I arrived here on 17 December 2007 but no internet excess till now...

My "new" house
Darling brought me home straight from the station. He asked me not to expect too much but reassured me that our room is cleaned. Seriously, although I have prepared for the worst, I still got a shock as the living room is quite messy & the kitchenis dirty (according to my standard). As promised, our room & ensuite bathroom are much better as hubby cleaned it very often. Our room facing the mrt track, so very noisy, 6am-1230am daily -- I have used to it now. We are in the 13th floor, very windy, so very dusty -- I clean everyday. I seldom leave my room; I never sit in the living room or dinning area & I never cook, I only boil water. I'll try my best not to have any physical contact with anything beyond my room.
**This is my weakness, I'm a clean person.

My housemate
Hubby & I in the master bedroom.
Sister-in-law (Ee Mei) took one of the common room. She use our toilet cause the one outside is dirty.
Her gay friend (Jay) from China in another common room. He is a nice guy.
The tiny room took by a dirty China man who work as a DJ. Never talk to us, quarrelled a few times with Ee Mei.

My Christmas
I went to Ee Mei's cell group party. I enjoyed the food, love the people around & it was fun!! Morris & Cecily shared the pictures & story about their recent missionary trip to Chiangmai, I then realised there are lots we can do/contribute to the weak/poor one.
The next day, we went to the Paya Lebar Methodist Church; a pretty & huge church. This was my first church service for more than 10 years. During my primary school, I used to attend church service with my much older cousin brother (a pastor) & family. Everyone is so friendly, I enjoyed the singing session the most. I attended 2 church wedding this year, I cried on both sessions. I also cried during the Christmas church service. I have no idea what's going on, my tears just flow down uncontrolly. I shared this with hubby & Michelle. Both of them said that God touched my heart. Till now, I'm not sure what happen & what to do, I guess time will be the answer.

My Presents
Darling bought me a pink Sony Ericson w850i, limited edition.
Winnie the Pooh mug & coins purse from the Christmas party.
NUS gave me a brand new Acer laptop with build in camera & 1G thumbdrive.
*will blog about my new phone & laptop later

My Work
I started work yesterday, attended the induction course. Now, I know much more about the school & feel glad & lucky to be here. I can't wait to meet the students in 2nd January 2008. I know I will learn a lot from both the experience teachers & smart students here. Currently, nothing much to do, only preparing teaching materials. Will share more about the school & my work once I started teaching.

My Workout
I went to the gym last Thursday (Hari Raya Haji), I didn't do much (only cycle & stepper) as I was having a terrible headache.
**Of course, the main reason is I'm lazy.
On Christmas eve, I swam for about 15minutes. Since I really move my body this time, I felt the pain on the next day.
On Christmas, I joined hubby & Ee Mei for tennis. Brother Thong (70+ years old former national player) gave us free coaching, he said I've the potential. Till now, my body is still aching, especially my right arm. Darling said I should continue with the workout in order for the pain to go, so we will go to the gym tonight after work.


kiawin said...

Glad to see you're adapting well in Singapore :) Do miss your presence in PE :)

lisarascal said...

Miss you too~~