Monday, May 3, 2010

Labour Day Weekends

Both darling and I are tired due to work purposes. Especially darling, he has been travelling so often, at least once a week. Thus, during the weekends, we decided not to do anything but rest and relax:)

ISTANA - Open House
On Saturday evening, we decided to go down town to do some shopping as we have a wedding dinner to attend in end of May. When we drove by the Istana, darling recalled that President Nathan is having an open house. We were lucky to be there just before 6pm (last entry).
Huge garden cum goft course
The grass is so green and fine
After a LONG walk, we finally see the palace
Closer view

Darling told me that the Istana is opened for poblic 5 times a year - Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya, Labour Day and National Day. According to newspaper report, there were more than 11k visitors on Saturday!!
ESPLANADE - Chicago Musical
What a nice view!!
I took this photo from the display pannel along the tunnel
Due to darling's packed schedule, we only bought the 2 x $110 tickets on Saturday for Sunday afternoon show.
Super excited!!!
Guess what?! We got an upgrade too!!
We were on the center of level 1, good view:)
No photography is allowed, I took this photo from the display panel

Wonderful and fabulous musical:) The music is nice and the dance is great, is it really GOOD!!


Little Rascal said...

who is President nathan ya?

bambinakong said...

President of Singapore