Monday, May 17, 2010

Vanilla Pod ( 3rd times)

The boarding manager, Mr Wong and Mrs Wong treat the fellow boarding councillors like their own children; the boarding concillors also respect Mr and Mrs Wong like their own parents. They sometimes drop by Mr and Mrs Wong's place for a chat or even games and movies. Mr and Mrs Wong often take time to plan special outings/meals to thank them for their hard work in boarding and of course for bonding purpose!! I'm so touched by their act as I can feel their sincere love and care to this group of young foreigners who are far away from home. Due to my outgoing nature, I bond with them really well and I join all the outings since I moved into the boarding:)
Mr and Mrs Wong, with their second son, Gabriel
On Sunday afternoon, all of us were so excited about the BC outing that we have been planning for months (the BCs need plenty of advance notice in order to save enough money). We rented a bus as we only have 2 cars and can't fit 19 of us.

After a few shots and some lame jokes, we reach THE RESTAURANT

Due to some mis-communication between Chef Peter and his staffs, they only set up tables for 10 instead of 19. While the waiting staffs were busy re-setting the table, I took a walk in the orchid garden (I didn't manage to do so in my previous visits as it was too dark). The orchids are so pretty and colourful.

Due to the super hot weather, I decided to go back to the air-conditioned room where the soft and warm breads are "calling".
Then, we have Caesar Salad. Followed by Pea and Ham Soup.
For pasta, we can either have Vegetarian Linguine or Seafood Spaghetti. While for the main course, I chose the Sirloin Steak which melt in my mouth while Frederic has the Stuffed Chicken Breast.

The desert of the day is Chocolate and Hazelnut Praline which I felt in love with (I still love Tiramisu) when Chef Peter introduced to me on my first visit to Vanilla Pod. Believe it or not, I actually shouted for joy when the waiters brought out the desert:)

At the same time, Frederic gave a toast to the graduating BCs who will leave us in July to start on their working journey.

Let us PAUSE for a while and please allow me to bring in another story....

Frederic and I knew each other since University time, to be more specific, year 1 semester 2.
We started dating in year 2, to be more specific on 14th June 2002.
During that period, we never quarrel (I have to admit that he has been very patient with me) and we have so many things to talk about. After graduation, we went on an 18 months exciting journey to the west - backpaking in UK. Without any family members or friends, we learnt so much together(including quarrelling), something that you can't get from school. Great experience!!
On 20th July 2007, we completed our ROM in Malaysia in front our family and a few close friends. We have been postponing our wedding dinner and the entire tradisional ceremony due to many reasons.

I used to laugh at my mum for being so silly as she married my dad even though he didn't propose. Guess what? I became Mrs Fan without experiencing the romantic proposal moment:(

Since my teenage years, I have been hoping and dreaming that in a nice restaurant, my future husband will go down on one knee, with a ring, a bouquet of flower and pop the question "Will you marry me?" in front of others. Then, everyone in the restaurant will be so touched and urged me to reply "YES" by saying "Marry him... Marry him..." (yup! I watched too many romantic movies). This remain as my dream since we are already husband and wife:(

Now back to my desert and darling's toast:

"Let me make a toast for the graduating BCs, Kway ko, Komal and Thu as well, who are not here today. Exam are over and no more assignment too. So, is time for you to say yahoo, it is a break-through! This reminded me about 8 or 9 years ago when I started my undergraduate study."

"During my university day, I met Yee Ching, the love of my life. We dated and more importantly we graduated. There after, to Europe we travelled and of course in Europe, we quarrelled. That was really a testing time. In between, we hold hand and she became a fan! In both sense of the word - she became my fan and also Mrs Fan."

"Today, very obvious is not about me. I want to dedicate this moment to you, someone who has been in my life for the past 9 years. You are the special one that I always wish to woo, for many more years and I hope decades too, to eternity if I may have too."

"So, may I take this ring, to be my clue that I'm ready for a journey and experience that last a life time through. On bended knee, may I ask for you to marry me, I love you and please say I do!"

* Darling was so nervous, not only his speech was not structured, he was shaking when he placed the pretty diamond ring on my finger. I'm trying my best to recall what he said on such a special day

YA...darling went down on one knee and together with the 17 of them, my dream comes true!! The plate (without the strawberry and desert) is currently in my fridge, darling bought the plate:)

Thank you! Thank you very much for playing a part in the planning and executing such a memorable event.
front row from left: Julianti, Alex, Sophea, Chan Lye, little Jia Cheng and Sin Chee
second row: Gabriel, Timothy, Kyaw Ko, Mr & Mrs Fan, Mr & Mrs Wong, John, Wu Jiang, Lien, Susan, Huey Chyi, Anna, Sandi

I'm still at the top of the world!!
(I will definitely share this story with my children in future)


ssh said...

Glad that I visited your blog at this time...and MOST HAPPY for you!!!

Well Done, Fred! Very Well Done!

My Warmest Congratulations! :)


Little Rascal said...


Now ... the plans for Hen's Night and wedding bells to ring really soon!

Woman, please tell me "the plan" and we should talk soon too. I will slot in my precious weekends just for you. Already discussed with David and he is in full support to this as our company and drive :P

p/s: Close-up pictures of the rock please :)

shyneze said...

Congrats, Ms.Kong!!!

I want a love like that. You both gave me hope.

wenwen said...

waa~~ congra u, miss kong(mrs fan)...

wenwen said...

waa~~ congra u, miss kong(mrs fan)...