Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brother, Happy Birthday!!

21 years of your life has past you through,
You knew your freedom comes and you shout yahoo!

Today marks the day you officially turn 22.
You ponder if there is anything you cannot do,
Or is there anything else that remains a taboo,
You wonder perhaps it’s time to get a tattoo,
Maybe it’s good time to think what you wish to pursue,
Even as you eat the cake you just slice into.

In the movie Horton who hears a Who,
We are here, we are here! says the people of Who,
They are there, they are there! shouts the baby kangaroo.

Indeed this is the day to be joyful,
To the tune of...

happy birthday to are born in the zoo,
May the year ahead be as exciting and wonderful too!

written by your dearest brother-in-law
vetted by your lovely sister


lisarascal said... the poem!!!!!!
Bravo to YM and you~~

bernard said...

thx sis... ^^
hmm tattoo huh... we'll see...