Sunday, September 30, 2007


Didn't realise that I haven't been updating my post for some time. As I mentioned in the previous post, is really difficult to juggle between work, family, friends & studies. Worst still, I'm here alone without hubby...

At work:
-16hours of teaching load is actually not so bad
-but I hate marking the lab reports (7 classes) & tests (200+ students)
-the worst was marking the final exam scripts (cross marking about 600 scripts among 4 lecturers)
** Thank God, everything is over. Now waiting eagerly for the next semester

At university:
-my brain is totally blank after 14 weeks of lecture (who to blame?)
-one of my lecturer can't speak proper English & always (1 week once) give assignments
-the other lecturer is ok but all of us too busy copy notes, rather than listen to him
-final exam is in 1 month time, I really need to speed up in my revision
-others said that master students should be more independent and do lots of self-study. So, why should we pay so much of tuition fees? Why not only pay the exam fees?
** Please God, I wish I won't fail my exam!!

At home:
-by law, I'm married. So i'm currently having 2 home-my parents & in-laws
-hubby is working in Singapore, he promise to come home at least once a month
-he sms, call, email, msn me every day
-in fact, he came home last week:)
-brother doing well in Macau, his girlfriend also working in the same hotel

-Last Saturday, I attended my secondary school mate church wedding
-bride: my secondary schoolmate, bridegroom: my secondary schoolmate & my brother primary classmate
-Sadly, her dad past away a week after the wedding (lung cancer)
-hope they are coping well


nostalgia.jesskang said...

Ermm, September seemed like a hectic month for you, however, it was over. Hope you are coping well in the coming months!!!

discordant dude said...

where are your wedding photos?

kiawin said...

i guess you've enjoyed much of the "reunion" session with your hubby. Is time to work hard, for your exams ;) keep it up :)

lisarascal said...

Kisses from me ...

bambinakong said...

still struggling, thank you for all the encouragement!!
hubby will be back on raya weekends:)

Daniel said...

Hey, im Daniel - from Trinidad. Off a random name search for Ahyee i found your husband tagged on one of ur photos. I was lookin for my ancestry and i was wondering where did his parents, grandparents come from. Was it also Malaysia?

Ive been told it was Chinese but over here thats slang for Asians on a whole. i do think its from China but its cool if i cud have gotten in a lil more detail

Thanks! ANd congrats on the wedding!! ^_^