Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bye Darling

I sent hubby to Corus Hotel cause he is leaving to Singapore for work. We reached there about 9.30a.m. but the bas only arrived at 9.50a.m. My tears just "rushed out" uncontrolly when hubby said 'bye bye'. Actually, I try my best to control my tears, cause I don't want hubby to leave while worrying about me.

Believe it or not?? I cried throughout the journey, from the hotel to office. However, I need to tidy up myself cause I have 2 meeting to attend later.Hopefully, I'll get over this transition period.

Love you darling!! All the best in your new job. Muak, Muak!
Need not worry about me, I promise to be good:)
Take good care of yourself.

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