Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pictures paint a thousand Words

Congratulation Mr and Mrs Chin Karl Wai
Fair & Lovely?
Lame king - Mr Lau
My favourite DoraemOng
thank you for all the help
A nice picture
(Calvary Church)My form six bestmates
left to right: hubby, me(ah sei), yeo lek(ah dai), heuy shin(ah yee), yi hsu(ah sam), tau wei


discordant dude said...

i love the pic taken in calvary church... very natural and spontaneous. what are u ppl doing there anyway???

kiawin said...

dude, you made it first... i just right want to ask the same question :)

bambinakong said...

my secondary school mates wedding:)
sadly, the week after that i attended her dad funeral:(