Monday, May 7, 2007


I never like the weather in Malaysia-too hot!! In my opinion, Italy has the best weather:)
Due to the hot weather and viruses everywhere, my antibody lost the war, I'm ill;(

Last Saturday, I marked exam scripts in our hot and stuffy office. The air-cond here is not functioning well (always) and will automatically shut down after 8pm on weekdays, 1pm on Saturday (I'm not sure about Sunday). That's why some of us brought table fan to work. I guess this is also another reason my body lost the war.

However, I did consume lots of great food before I tucked in some aweful medicine last night. I went Chili's (MidValley) on Saturday night--we had combo starters, salad, fatjitas, grill fish, steaks, chicken, bottomless fruit juice, chocolate cake etc etc. YUM! YUM! Sunday afternoon we had lunch at a wonderful chinese restuarant (Selayang)--chicken and ginseng soup, duck, fish, prawn, ribs, egg, taufu, pumpkin sago etc etc. YUM! YUM!

*I was too busy eating till forgot to take some pictures. Sorry!!
Japanese chick in a chinese restaurant?!
Tasty and pretty chocolate from Japan.

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kiawin said...

didn't know you were sick. you seems better today (then i supposed) ;)