Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss!! Miss!!

Without realising, discordant_dude has got himself a place in me. I told my mum about our "last dinner" with him last night and all the silly things he did/said throughout the year. When is time to go to bed, I recalled all the sweet memories we had. OH MY GOD!! I miss him, he is now officially one my my best friend, can you believe it?!
Here's are some photos we took during our makan-makan sessions.
Jack's Place, 1-Utama
23 May 2007left: Chris, MC, Audery
right: Phaveena, KongKong, LeeSa 1st course, Mushroom SoupAccompany by Garlic BreadStarter: Cheesy Potato Skin
(side order)
Main Course: Steak
(abit dry)
or Chicken
Desert: Ice Cream with Coffee/Tea
The set lunch is cheap but the service and quality of food is bad.
Restaurant Ah Yat, PJ
21 May 2007 Table 35 Peanuts Snacks Dipping Sauce
(for Hong Kong style dim sum)

Prawn Cheong Fun
(huge fresh prawns)

Scallop Cheong Fun
(spot the juicy scallops?) Har Kaw

(a bit oily)Stir Fried Raddish Cake
(not bad) Fried Banana stuffed with Red Bean Paste
(banana-discordant_dude all time favourite)Siew Mai
Egg Tarts with Bird Nest
(must try though RM5 per piece)BBQ Pork Bun

Steamed Pork Ribs
(so so)Glutinous Rice with Abalone fried
(really got dice abalone) Yam with Cheese
(slightly different from the usual one)Spicy and Sour Dumpling
(yummy)Custard Bun
(nope..)Vegetable Spring Rolls
(nice)Tiny Soup Dumpling
(no idea, didn't try) ????
Worth for the money cause all dim sum 50% discount on weekdays


kiawin said...

yum yum :)

discordant dude said...

this song speaks to me in such a time as this:

painted on our tapestry, we see the way it has to be,
weaving through the laughter and the tears,
through time you've been a friend to me, but time is now the enemy
i wish we didn't have to say goodbye...

take care dear fren...

bambinakong said...

you sound so sad...
don't know whether is because of the excitement of new semester (can't wait to teach) or i really miss you dearly, i can't sleep at night (even though very very tired) & wake up damm early in the morning (before 6am)