Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Semester

New semester going to start soon (next week), I have yet to come out with lecture notes. All because I have no mood to do anything for the past few weeks. My schedule was packed with lots of activities-potluck, bbq, shopping, movies etc etc. Luckily I have submitted my exam questions, tutorials and tests are done. *phew*

At the same time, I'm also worry about my master course which will start in July. I'm the type of person who will give myself lots of pressure when come to study. Maybe because of our education system here, whereby is so exam oriented and we have to do well in order to secure a job. Our future is solely based on our performance in the final exam. *suck*

Meanwhile, I'm kind of upset as dicordant_dude is leaving us soon. We will be far apart for at least 2 years!! No doubt, I'm happy for him, as he got a chance to see the other side of the world which he will surely enjoy it:) *hehe*


kiawin said...

Don't worry, computer studies have yet started anything :P

discordant_dude said...

i'm gonna miss you so much Bambz, for both your craziness and seriousness... cheers mate!

bambinakong said...

i have one more chapter of lecture note. 'All the best Bambz'