Wednesday, April 25, 2007

~ic.. ~ic.. ~ic.. ~ic.. ~ic..

Sometime I wonder:
Do penguins live in the Artic??
Maybe they rather be at the Antartic??
Do they go for a swim in the Indian or Pacific??

Oh my!
I suppose it's better to read the comic

The LONG weekends is near (26/04, 01/05, 02/05 - holiday)
everyone is ecstatic :)

I know! I know!
My story has not been terrific
It's not about Eric
It's never about Patrick
But, hey at least I have kept it systematic

In the end, there's no story to be specific
I'm just stringing the words into lyrics
Keeping you entertain by making them sound rhythmic
Senseless but the words stick in your mind like a pandemic

I should call an end to this epic
I'm so out of words and my mind turn fatigue

How dare the girl say I WAS romantic??
Want me to shock you with some electric??

All I want to say:
Something are just beyond logic
It doesn't have to follow the law of physics
I don't think our love has been problematic
I think it has been supercali fragilistic!!

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lisarascal said...

Wow... I love this piece. =)