Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I wonder if relationship is like the RAIN
When the rain come in the day and we all get wet, then it’s bad
But when it rain at night while we are in bed then it become good

I wonder if love is a GAME
You get very excited when you learn to play
But after sometime you get tired and go home to rest

Maybe love is an EXAM
Sometime you pass, sometime you fail
But in order to get an A, you will have to work really hard at it

Perhaps love is like CLIMBING a mountain
You keep moving to the top
But once you are at the top there’s nothing else left to do

I guess relationship is like SMS
You sometime don’t get what you expect
Your thoughts, your emotions are delayed, lost or misplaced
Love can at time be non-spontenous

hmm... I really wonder when will my darling gives me a 'surprise'

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