Thursday, March 22, 2007

Only You!

Long long time ago in a far far away place, lived a king who has a beautiful princess. One day the king decided it’s time for her to get married but there was one problem…

The king called upon all princes, general and wise men. Whoever was the smartest will marry the lovely princess. So, they did all sort of tricks but still the king was unhappy.

Until a young man came and said, “I can make this rock float in the air.” And everyone laugh at him but the king asked him to go on. So, how did he make the rock float in the air?

The young man wrapped the rock with a cloth, hammered the rock to pieces and ashes. He then opened up the cloth and blew the powder away. True enough; the rock is now floating in the air.

As promised, the young man marry the lovely princess and they live happily ever afterJ

Moral of the story: If there’s someone who can make me fall like the rock in love (not stairs), then melt my heart away and make my heart float all over, she has to be….YOU!

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