Thursday, March 29, 2007


29 March 2006

A date that I won't forget-I involved in a snatch theft incident & I was seriously injured. refer to the photo

I was teaching in a primary school in Sentul, it was a temperory position after I came back from UK. After class, I packed my stuffs & said goodbye to all the teachers, then head toward the lrt station which is not too far away.

I happily crossed the main road and can't wait to meet up with my love one who waited patiently in Maluri station. Throughout the journey, I saw lots of parents and their kids (a few schools in that area), not to mention those who having their lunch break.

My parents, especially my mum warn me constantly regarding the danger out there since I have left Malaysia for 18months. I clinged my bag on the right (which is away from traffic), due to hot weather umbrella on my left. All of a sudden, I felt a strong push from behind. The next thing I knew, I was on the tar road & blood dripping down from 'somewhere' (really no idea where). Everything happened so fast, I have no idea what's going on & I was seriously injured.

A motorcyclist (punjabi guy, about 40 years old) came from the opposite direction told me that I was being snatched & he also apologized for not able to view the registration number. Lots of cars drove through (remember! this is a main road), all of them actually slow down their vehicles & show their 'concern' about this incident. (the proper word: kepoci) When the punjabi guy (he can't cause his primary school daughter is with her on the bike) asked them to send me to the nearest clinic/hospital, all of them claimed that they were very busy. At that moment, I was so upset & felt sorry for being a Malaysian. (I guess you know why) However, I didn't cry or shout at all duirng the whole incident.

At the end, the Punjabi guy sent me back to my school which is just across the road. Thank God for sending him to help me and sorry for leaving blood stain on his daughter's uniform. He dropped me in front of the entrance & I walked toward the headmistress's room. All the staffs were shocked & helped to stop the bleeding, they then sent me to the nearest clinic.

At the same time, my dad rushed to the school without knowing what had happened. He nearly cry when he first saw me, he holded back his tears as he don't want to feel ashame in front of all my female teachers. He then drove me to my family gp for a thorough check up. My doctor cleaned my wounds with acid & did some simple test on me. After that, I looked into the mirror for the first time after the accident, I looked horrible:(

My mum & boyfriend waited with worries at home. They cried!! After a while, my mum 'dry cleaned' me. (can't wet the wounds) I didn't report to the police cause I can't recall anything at that moment. According to my doctor, due to shock I must have unconcious for a split seconds.

The next few weeks, mum, boyfriend and younger brother took turn to 'babysit' me and dad sent me to doctor for follow up treatments. Not forget, the phobia that still haunt me till now! However, thank God that I'm fully recover now:)

27 March 2007

I went back home about 9pm, after an eating session (Kajang satay) with my fellow collegues at office. My neighbour parked his car at my lot, I have no choice but to packed in front of my house. (don't like to park it this way cause this will block my dad's car from leaving/entering my house)

When I was about to turn, I realised a motorbike is just next to me. I'm thankful for not making a rush turning without signal, if not I will have knocked him down. After they (2 young Malay) left I parked my car. Suddenly, one of them walked near to my car and tried to open my door. (passenger side) Luckily, my engine is still on, so my door is locked too. He then ran toward the motorbike and flew away.

Again, everything happen too fast, I don't know how to respond. I was shocked and sat in the car for a few minutes before I 'awake'. Believe it or not, my dad was there when this incident happened. Also, my neighbour's house was packed with relatives & friends for prayer.

Be alert & careful wherever & whenever you are!!

28 March 2007

In the afternoon, my mum saw a 30+ years old Indonesian smashed my neighbour's window (car) and took her briefcase. According to my mum, he has been wandering up & down the street before he did the crime, later flew away with his partner who was waiting at the junction.

29 March 2007

star light, star bright, first star I see tonight

I wish I may I wish I might, have a wish I wish tonight

"I'll get rid of my phobia asap & this kind of social crime will decrease to zero soon"


discordant_dude said...

ouch... i dare not even claim dat i feel your pain...

i pray (yes i do dat!) and wish that one day, our society will be free from such menace and threat... that we can roam the streets without fear and insecurity... that we truly become a safe and developed nation by 2020...

what for boast about putrajaya and twin towers if we cannot even feel safe in front of our own home eh?

nostalgia.jesskang said...

I nearly cried :(

When will our nation be freed of such VIOLENT NATION?! 2020?? I dun think so...