Thursday, March 8, 2007


They say love is pure as white,
I know because I love you with all my might.
Why can’t love be yellow?
Cause my love for you runs deep not shallow.
Will love ever be orange?
It may be strange, but my love for you has never change.
To everyone, love has always been red,
To me, it’s you that I want to hug, kiss and date.
I know too that love can be pink,
After all it’s your heart that I want to link.
Will love ever be considered purple?
It’s just that my love runs a little deeper.
If love can turn to blue,
Then you know I love you, it’s true.
Even if love turns green,
You will be the girl I always dream.
Someday love can be brown,
But I still love you round and round.
And why can’t love be black?
I love you and I miss you, thank God you are back!!

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