Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Time flies, I haven't been blogging for half a months. Life is as hectic as before--busy with work and studies, didn't really spend much quality time with my family and friends. Can't wait till semester break so I can concentrate on my master and catch up with the syllabus.

Entering week 7 for my master class, sadly my brain is still empty. I know I can't blame on the lecturers, I should be more independent, don't rely too much on the lecture notes. Is really hard to juggle between work and studies... wish me luck!

I was load with lots of replacement classes due to the merdeka holiday. Also consultation hours as students start to get panic cause exam is around the corner, not to mention their terrible test 2 result... all the best students!

I was kind of emotion this few days as hubby will start work in Singapore begining of September. All of us know that he will have a better future and of course get better paid there, but thinking of only meeting him once a month is kind of sad. I wish I'm there to take care of his daily need and accompany him.
**will post my registration photo soon.

Last Saturday, I talked to brother via computer. He was busy with work, but he enjoy it. The worst part is he miss us very very much. He even cried when he read mum&dad's sms. Sometime, we take our family and friends for granted. We will only realise the important of family and friends when we are far away from home. I have the same feeling when I was in UK, luckily I have hubby with me that time who support me 24/7.


discordant dude said...

yea dudine, i'm still waiting for those registration photos... how's the astro thingy coming along?

as the saying goes, as cliche as it has become, absence makes the heart grows fonder... all goodbyes are temporary in some sense...

cheer up!

nostalgia.jesskang said...

absence makes the heart grows fonder Totally agree with this saying...

Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile... Appreciate your loved ones!!!

lisarascal said...

Cheer up! I'll always be there for you ... just shout to your left and I'll be there. I'll try my best~ ;)