Monday, July 30, 2007


Brother flied off to Macau yesterday. He starts work today as a Restaurant Assistant Manager in Wynn Hotel.

I was cool all the while till we approached the departure gate. My tears just 'burst' out uncontrolly, I'm sad and also worry about him. We hugged for a few minutes before I "past" him to mum.
**Dad-outstation, Bernard-still sleeping soundly at home

I'm still sad of his leaving and even cried this morning. I know Macau is not very far, he can fly back anytime... I dare not think of the situation when darling leave me end of the month:(

In the evening, hubby and I went to Taman Segar Maybank to deposit some cash for our friend via the machine. Guess what happen?! I key in the account number, put in the cash... suddenly the screen said "Out Of Service, Mesin Tergendala". I was so scared and angry, we called the customer service hotline.

The lady told us that the only thing we can do is to file for a complaint, the person incharge will then settle it for us, which will take us about 7 working days. My questions: there is no proof that we have deposit the cash and why it take so long?? I can't do anything now but to wait patiently.... Hopefully, everything will be fine!!


kiawin said...

don't worry. the atm shows record of how much stucked :) so.. they would refund anyway :)

nostalgia.jesskang said...

the atm shows record of how much stucked :) so.. they would refund anyway :) >>>> So no worries, Ms Kong

Macau is darned near la. Go there travelling while visiting your brother lor. Shop like crazy in HK and Macau. If not try your luck in the casino. If not savor food there. Macau is indeed a nice place to play. *smile*

I should read your blog earlier then I can "console" you when I went PA just now. I really wanted to talk to you just now, but I saw a big stack of test paper/reports on the table, then I just ciowz... Miss you so much la.. Foundation Studies life is much better.

Sobs sobs.... =.=

bambinakong said...

Are your sure they got record and return the money to me?!
Actually this is the 2nd time, the 1st was my maxis reload card not valid. It took them more than a month to return my rm30.

bambinakong said...

My friend called and informed that he got the money.