Friday, July 6, 2007


GOD please send me a pair of helping hand
if not
GOD please give me extra time

why so many things to do?
why only 2 hands?
why only 24hours per day?



nostalgia.jesskang said...

Go to 25 hours watchshop to get a watch, then you'll have extra one hour everyday....

What are you busy with recently?

~K£cќ~ said...

Taking Master n teaching Chem? XD

Isnt it great to become a student again? >.<

discordant dude said...

here's a pair of virtual hands... so what can i do to help? *big grin*

kiawin said...

oh... lame o lame dude is back :)

anyway, kong, God gives you 24 hours a day for one reason... because He thinks it is enough for you :)