Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SAD but WHY?

"Renowned pro wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife and their 7-year-old-son, were found dead Monday afternoon in their Fayetville, Ga. home, Atlanta police said."
I was shocked when I heard the radio news this morning. I thought I heard wrongly as I was kind of tired while on the way to work.
Later in the evening I confirmed the news with my brothers (wrestling fans). Not to mention, the special WWE program on Astro.

"Investigators believe Benoit, 40, killed his wife Nancy and son Daniel over the weekend, and then himself sometime Monday.The three bodies were found in different rooms of the home, according to reports.The news came just a day after Benoit mysteriously pulled out of a World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view event, during which he was expected to be crowned Extreme Championship Wrestling world champion. Various pro wrestling news sources reported that Benoit was unable to appear at the event due to a family emergency."
I was curious as he is kind of huge&strong (in TV), could anybody near him&kill his whole family.
My brother said WWE tipu orang, they fake the whole show&create their own "interesting" storyline.


kiawin said...

Being alive is what human hope to be. It shows how precious is our life. Value it :)

bambinakong said...

life is short, better enjoy every moment we have & cherish ever single second that the GOD gives us.
so, why spend so much time in office??

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Does elixir exist in this world? Life will be endless with elixir... *smile*