Wednesday, June 6, 2007

~ic.. ~ic.. ~ic.. ~ic.. ~ic.. (PART 2)

Let me tell you a story...
not about Eric,
about a girl who's life is far from hectic.

Let this be a story that truely authentic,
a story I believe will keep you enthusiastic.

The phone beeps and almost instantly you click,
with anticipation, expectation, you turn more energetic.

Eric is just a name...
make no mistake,
will continue with the story once I finish this fruit cake.

Another day at work another of being frantic,
ngaging myself with metal coatings not plastic,
that I almost forgotten the story...

Oh! How pathetic,
pardon me I'm just being apologetic.

Sometimes don't you wish life was less chaotic?
Then again, who wants a life as dead as mathetics?
but, if life was just like in politics,
thigs will all turn out to be horrific!!

Back to the girl who's work has remain static.
She has set questions on electrophilic and nucleophilic,
perhaps a little bit on hydrophilic and hydrophobic.
It's certainly all very academic.

So bored is the girl that she listen to some music.
Her mind day dreaming and naming her kid Fan-Tas-Tic.
Hmm..Would Fan-Ta-Sia be a better pick?
Would the child grow up and be materialistic?

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