Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last Day

Today is last day of the semester.. In other words, EXAM is on the way. Although this badge of students are quite naughty, I'll still miss them during the holiday period. I always complaint that my teaching load is very heavy, but I'll be very depressed if I have no class!! I'm praying hard that next semester load not too heavy...

I'm trying my best to spend as much time as possible with darling as he will be leaving to Singapore next Wednesday morning. I know! I know! Singapore is very near but still I won't have him 24/7 anymore!! **SOB!SOB!**

Last night, his boss & colleagues had a farewell "party" for him at Neway, 1-Utama. I was so malu cause we only arrived 830pm (darling don't allow me to skip my master class which end at 7pm)while the session started at 7pm. The most shocking was his chemist who stay in Banting also join us, it took her 2 hours to reach home yesterday!! **TOUCHING**

Both of our family planning to meet up to have a "proper" dinner since our registration. However, the plan keep on postponing as all of us were really busy last few weeks--brother geeting ready to Macau, dad outstation, darling's uncle ungerwent operation etc etc etc. Hopefully one of this day during the long holiday...

Li Jun (my cute cousin) spent 4days 3nights with us during the school holiday cause her mum went Johor and her dad refude to "jaga" her. My family and I love her very much cause my mum babysit her since baby. She asked me a few WEIRD questions, which some of them I failed to answer. Here are part of our conversation...
Jun: You married already?
Me: No, only engaged.
Jun: What is engaged?
Me: ........ he is now my finacee.
Jun: What is fiancee?
Me: .... something in between boyfriend/girlfriend & husband/wife.
Jun: Hmm.. don't understand.
Me: Ok! Ok! He is my husband.
Jun: Why you are not pregnant then?
Me: .....
Jun: What is the different between Jesus & GongGong (our language budha)?
Mum: Jesus speak English, GongGong speak Chinese.
Me: ...
Jun: When Gombak Ah Ku (my mum, we stay in Sri Gombak) become old lady next time, you must take care of her.
Me: Why me? My brother also can take care, right?
Jun: No. They will have their own family to take care.
Me: I also will have husband and kids.
Jun: daughter must take care of her parents.
Me: You take care of her lar since she love you so much.
Jun: Cannot lar! I have to take care of my own parents and Helen Ah Ku (my aunt who is not married)
Me: How?
Jun: Haiya! Ok lar, I take care all of them.
Jun: How lod is grandma?
Mum: Nearly 90.
Jun: Why GongGong haven't take grandma up to the sky?
Mum: ....
Jun: Is this pampers?
Me: No, this is pad.
Jun: Why girls must use pads?
Me: Cause we have period.
Jun: What is period?
Me: Period is some dirty blood which store in our body which will be released every month.
Jun: What is every month means?
Me: January 1 time, February 1 time, March 1 time.....
Jun: Oh...
Me: If don't use pad, blood will be everywhere, very dirty!!


nostalgia.jesskang said...


Only miss the current badge> forgotten about us already?

~K£cќ~ said...

Lol ... your cousin is really cute XD

bambinakong said...

I miss all my students. Even my last last last time secondary and primary students...

kiawin said...

somehow, i missed my kampar students too. hahaha

lisarascal said...

i miss all my students too. I wish I can meet June one day ... she's is so cute! Smart-cute.. :)