Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Teachers' Day 2010

From Fun Loving (2008) t0 Easy Going (2009). This year the students voted me for Ms Road Runner, in other words, hyperactive.

Thank you very much for all the presents, I spent whole afternoon to unwrap and take photos. In future, please do not spend so much money, I will happy even if it is just a card with all your love:)

My energetic (aka naughty) mentor class gave me this cute little bear and Ferrero Rocher. Anlong also gave me a bear, or is it a squirrel? With the additional fo two "family members", there are now a perfect 10!!Andrew and Wei Hao also bought me Ferrero Rocher...
Nicole Tann spent days and nights to make this bulkyball with plenty of bluetag. Amazing!!
Meicong said honey is good for teacher who speak loudly and clearly during lesson.
Vivian misplaced my calculator (the one that I used since year 6) during last semester exam.
I know she didn't do it on purpose and has did her best to searh around. This magnetic photo frame is so cool - Yong Jen.Ada gives me cute cards every year. Serene placed this outside my door early morning.
Hanisah drew me a card.
Bernadine made me a card.
I enjoy reading her card each year as she can express better this way.
Xitong gave me these cute looking snack. Seo Youn run with me every Thursday, I hope to run more often from term 4.Another hand made card from Danielle.Jia Yi still rememeber the values that Barney taught us:)Pretty roses made by Fabia and Yi Chian.Chocolate from Zikai.Nice hand made photo frame from Luckyim.
Nice watch from Barnarbas. Khanh gave me this 'tasty' lip balm.Li Qing who is always polite.
Ji Hyun made this lovely card.Did Debra and Shini made this card?
Cheryl baked this yummy cookies.
Biscuits flew in from Penang - Han Jie.
I can now have bigger cup of coffee, thanks Candice!! Can I wish upon the stars that Angela made? Maybe there is a geny is the bottle?Nice cup of tea from Ka Kheng. This magnetic photo frame is so cool - Yong Jen.Jun Fu planned well, he gave me this one day earlier so that he won't caught in a 'jam'.
All Nobellians received a crunchy GREEN apple.Sorry... I forgotten who gave me this and this
So, how well or bad did I performed in 2010??
Thank you to all my beloved students:)

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