Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Birthday in Sabah (East Malaysia)

December ~ a happy month with lots of celebration & holidays

4th December 2008
We took an early flight (750am, JetStar) to Kota Kinabalu. The seats are quite cramp, shouldn't complaint as we only paid for the taxes and surchages i.e. free ticket (not cheap though). Once arrived at KKIA, I was surprised to see a man holding a note (written Mr. Fan) awaiting for us. Darling rented a tiny car for our adventurous 4 days 3 nights Sabah trip. After payment & all the paper works, here's come our Viva ...
This brought back the memories of backpacking in UK... darling being a good planner & driver while I am his great co-driver who in-charge of direction (map reader) & money:0

From Kota Kinabalu, we drove all the way to the north. The journey was fun and excited mainly due to the poor signage & narrow road (single lane). We didn't get lost though, we enjoyed the view. Peaceful, Relaxing.....

Bumpy road
Lots of green
After hours of driving, finally...
we reached the Tip of Borneo!!
nice beach
the best beach I ever visited (so far)
isn't this wonderful?
crystal clear water & soft fine sandlook at the powerful wavedarling wanted to build his weekends home here
(right size, magnificent view)
so windy at the cliff
Philippine is just accross
we been to John o' Groats in Scotland & Land's End in Cornwall
now back to home country
My holiday home...
... and view from my patio

We then stayed overnight in Kudat -- a very small town. We were a bit disappointed as the so called 4stars resort (best in town & with golf course) doesn't meet our expectation. However, the seaview from our room are not bad!!

Kudat is a laid-back town where most shop close by 6pm. Thus, no seafood dinner, no shopping :(
boring dinner in hotel

5th December 2008
Hooray, my birthday!!

After breakfast, we went to Bak Bak beach, not far away from Kudat. Another good experiece, fanstastic beach.
blue sky
clear water
fine sand

Then, we drove all the way to Kota Kinabalu park. We didn't climb the mount KK due to last minute planning, also I worry I'm not fit enough to do so. It was very cold up there due to rainny season.
view from our balcony

Due to the rain, we decided not to go into Kota Kinabalu park but drove to Poring Hotspring.
super hot water which can cook hard-boiled eggs
filling up our private bath-tub
(yellowish water -- lots of sulphur & minerals)
legs spa (only) because I can't stand the "not so clean" tub
(Yup, I'm OCD)
We thought of having seafood BBQ or steamboat (like Cameron Highland) in such a cooling environment. Once again we were disappointed as we failed to locate any restaurant.
steamboat in villa
(no seafood)
** Secret: I didn't shower on my birthday because I can't "accept" the yellowish water & low level of cleanliness of the toilet...
6th December 2008
Can't believe that my birthday was over!! Partly because of the villa & dinner which are not up to my standard. Luckily, darling compesate me with a pretty diamond ring:)
We drove back to Kota Kinabalu after breakfast.
ByeBye mount KK

We headed toward the Jesselton Point (ferry terminal) for the islands hopping in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.
1st: Mamutik island (least people among 3 islands)
Highlight of the day -- Parachute
2nd: Manukan island (2nd largest after Gaya island)
3rd: Sapi island (nicest view among 3 islands)
After lots of salty sea water & sunburn, we happily drove to 1Borneo (largest mall in KK) and checked into Novetel (quite new). The room was lovely (worth for the money), wish my bedroom will be something like that, simple & modern. BUT, the service was terrible!!
clean sheet, comfortable bed
i like the mirror & plasma
toilet is the best
check out the shower!!

After a refreshing shower, we went to town. At last, I got my seafood dinner!!
lots of choices, don't know which to pick
darling also got his favourite coconut
lala braised with radish & wine -- RM20
(yummy) very fresh steamed fish -- RM60
(yummy x2)
salted egg with 900g crab -- RM72
(yummy x3)

stirred fried green with garlic
We ended the day by having a cup of coffee at Waterfront Explanade.

...darling said i look like a Proboscis Monkey due to the suntan...

I am very happy with the trip although everything seem to be very last minute due to our hectic work schedule. Thank you darling for all the arrangements. We will surely go back to Sabah to conquer the Mount KK and to complete our road trip (west part).


wenwen said...

nice trip...
happy belated birthday...

Little Rascal said...

What a nice trip! Your darling surely is a good planner :) So when are you showing me the diamond ring?

Btw, you both look really tan by Day 3. Hahahaha

bambinakong said...

He commented that I bcome roasted chicken from the initial steamed chicken...haha
My mum will surely scold me when she see me next week...

Diamond ring....

Dorae-ong said...

That's the reason I called you hundred of times also can't get you, ha ha ... You must have switch off your phone la. Nice trip anyway.

bambinakong said...

Sorry Ong...
Chris also faced the same problem as you...

So pai seh!!

My phone on 24/7, just that most part don't have coverage. Blame maxis!! heehee

~K£cќ~ said...

Woah ... so fun le XDXD

The water so clear @ the beach @.@

kev said...

hey miss kong...nvr knew tat u been to sabah le..if yes,surely can bring u enjoy more local nice food..hahaha...too bad,no faith...lol..