Thursday, May 22, 2008

Year 3 Outings

20th May 2008, Kallang River

Students were first "enjoying" the briefing & presentation by the YO Group on the important of clean water. Pictures of polluted area were showed as well.Next, students were given a pair of high quality gloves each, a few thongs & black bin bags. We cleaned up the designated area by picking up rubbish like cigaratte butts, bottle caps, food containers, wrappers etc etc. Ryan was in-charge of jotting down all the rubbish we found. We were amazed by the number of cigaratte butts we found. The most dedicated cleanner goes to.......KYLE. His white socks & shoes turned black. He told me that he enjoyed playing with mud:)We were all given bottles of NEWater. Taste okay for me, no funny smell...At the end of the day, all the students were smelly, sweaty, sticky & tired. They can't wait any longer for a refreshing shower. Well Done, Kids!!Mentor's remarks:
I picked up rubbish with my students. I'm angry with the public who didn't give us co-operation by chucking rubbish wherever they wish. After the activity, I enjoyed the air-cond & clean water so much. I took a cooling shower & panadol for my headache. It was a good experience:)

21st May 2008, East Coast Park
Students were so excited & energetic. After briefing, students were told to design a flag that represent their group/class. The pretty + cute lady like cartoon on the far left is me, their mentor; while the purple dinosour next to me is Barney. Both of us prefer & encourage the LOVE method when educate the next generation.
"I love you, you love me, we are happy family. With great big hug & a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too...."Yu Jia & Tricia bought me a cup of tea:) Thank you very muchie!!The next task -- sand castle building. I'm so happy that everyone in my class contributed full-heartly to build the LOVE castle. M08307, wrong planning! We built the castle to near to the beach, high tide!! We need a 'strong' wall... However, the nature is stonger than us. We gave up after more than 30min:(
*Ivan, you are not doing your part!Sleeping beauty? Little mermaid?No! Zi Kai is tyring to save our castle by being the human wall!!
Our end product:) Can you feel the LOVE???Some other sand castles by other mentor groups.

Mentor's Remarks:

I really enjoyed playing sand & salty water with my kids. We have lots of fun although the weather was extremely hot. I'm now darker (still pretty) & whole body is aching (not because I'm too old), but is worth it!! I love you, M08307. M08305, M08306 & M08308 don't be jealous, cause I love you all too:)


kiawin said...

Wahlau.... newater........ you drank it?

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Reader's response: =.=|| saturated "self praised" elements

bambinakong said...

Kiawin: I drank the NEWater, can't taste the different. It is ok lor..

Jess: Did I self-praised? I don't think so, I'm just telling the truth..hehe!

timetraveller said...

hihi ms kong! ADA AND YIHUI HERE.
we didnt go to ecp! ):

anyway WE LOVE YOU TOO! <3

bambinakong said...

Too bad Yi Hui & Ada, we really have lots of fun. No worries, I believe we will have another outdoor activities some day....