Sunday, March 14, 2010

House Carnival 12th March 2010

HOORAY!!! House Carnival 2010 is successfully carried out last Friday.

I received many positive comments from colleagues and not forgetting plenty of laughters from the students. Whenever a collegue came to me and prasied me for the good job, I will like a proud mum and told them is my wonderful children that plan and done all the work:) Although there are still room for improvement, but I'm really happy & proud that the students have done an excellent job:)

After few late nights, plenty of stress, lots of excitement..... I'm down with fever, terrible headache and bodyache since last Friday.

No matter who win, the most importantly, all of us have fun!!!
See you all again in Sports day:)

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june.yeoh said...

hi miss kong!
you are in NUS already.
hi from an ex student :)