Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Teachers' Day

Friday, 29th August 2008 --one of my happiest day in term 3 because:
1. I'm going home to meet my family & friends
2. Last dayof the term
3. Teachers' Day celebration in school
** actually the 1st & 2nd points are the main reasons
This was my first celebration in Singapore, honestly speaking, I didn't aspect a lot. All in my mind was having some quality time with my family and friends in K.L.
The whole celebration was done nicely and I'm impressed!! Keep it up with the good work, kids:)

For me, the most happening & surprise & happy moment will be the award ceremony. I got "The Most Caring Award" by National Institute of Education and "Ms Fun-Loving" title by the NUS High.
I'm very happy as my effort and hard-work are appreciated by my students and school. I always believe that I was created by God to educate the next generation. I'm passion in teaching and I enjoy spending time with my students.
There were a few incidents during the term that I was so upset and disappointed with my students. At one point, I question myself whether I'm suitable to be a teacher or am I qualified to be a teacher?!These awards are the answer for all my doubt:) I'll continue to do my very best to serve the education field and continue to use "LOVE" to educate my students:)

I would like to say THANK YOU for all the gifts my kids prepared for me, my heart melted... However, in future, need not to spend money on lavish gifts; just give me your best attitude & academic performance.
Barney form M08305
Chicken Essence from Yi Hui
(& not forgetting her big hug)
Golden Flowers from Mariel
My boys said they will become good boys when all the carcoal become diamond
*for non-chemistry or science people, both carcoal & diamond are carbon
Sorry,can't remember who gave me this chocolate.
Can someone help?
Another bos of chocolate from Bernadine
A cute doggie & message from Barney by Debra
Nice candles from Jayashri
New Balance shirt from Barnabas
I see LianHan, Elaine & Geno (my project students)
A sweet, crunchy & healthy apple from Dayna
Yummy Famous Amous brownie from Jer Lin
Chewy sweet & Sunflower from my little rascal -- Andrea
Hand-made card by Kai Jie
Desmond's praise
Plenty of sweets & chocolates from a few students
*Sorry, I forgetten who gave which. Can help?
Nelson baked the delicious cookies
*Sorry again, who gave me the digestive biscuits?
A special & meaningful card from Annabeth
Lots of stars from Eva, Bernadine & Ada
Pens from Shengze
Mug from the student's council
Another packet of yummy biscuit from Jonanthan
Hand-painted card with lots of love from Luckyim
More chocolate from Givanna
Coaster & card from Ada
Hehe..I'm special!!
THANK YOU very much for all the presents. Need not worry that I'll gain lots of weight after all the chocolates & biscuits. I learn from Barney that: Sharing is Caring, so I brought home everything & shared them with my family!!
p.s. did I missed out anyone?


~K£cќ~ said...

Congratz Ms Kong XD ... you deserve it hehe

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Yea, caring and loving...

lisarascal said...

Waaaaa.... i'm so inspired by you :)

Yours truly.

bambinakong said...

Thank you!! Thank you!!
I'll continue to serve in the education line:)
I won't let you down!!

cheryl said...

haha yay congrats ms kong! =D

from your pic, it looks like un-loving.. *jkjk*

wenwen said...

congra, miss...
u are the best teacher...


debz said...

hi ms kong!!!

my name is spelt as D-E-B-R-A!! waaaa got people give same present as me!!

CH said...

Congratulation to you, Fun and Loving Ms. Kong! :)